1.  We will meet with you, preview your home and establish a price point that reflects the current market value.  We will also do a visual assessment of any repairs or changes that will enhance the value of your home.

2.  We will discuss all closing costs associated with the sale of your home and give you an "estimated net sheet".  (We have a complete network of title and escrow providers that we work with on a daily basis, however we are open to anyone you wish to have as an outside service provider.)

3.  Once the listing is signed your home will be moving towards marketing within 24 hours.  We will discuss with you the actual time line of your home entering the MLS to allow you to prepare for showings. ( we generally recommend 5-7 days prior to MLS publication to allow you to prepare your home)  You will recieve a complete set of disclosures required by the State of California for you to complete and return at you earliest convenience.

4.  You will have a sign installed and contact information in your front yard within 24 hours.

5.  You will have Full Color brochures on your property both curbside and in the house within 48 hours.

6.  If desired we will have an open house the first Saturday or Sunday immediately following the listing. (open houses are at your descretion)

7.  Once the listing is live in the MLS you will have a restricted access electronic lock box on the property for showings. (restricted access allows you to dictate the actual times your property will be shown.  We will discuss appointment only showings an their effect with you)..

8.  Once the property is active and an offer is received we will forward you a copy of the offer with a complete evaluation of the offer and its content for review at your convenience.

9.  Once an offer is accepted we will open escrow and follow up on all documents, inspections and time lines per the negotiated contract.


Contact us now at  the123realtor@yahoo.com  or call today.

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Brett Sackett
Brett Sackett
Realtor/Office Manager