Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What's the Catch?

      Absolutely nothing.  We have no hidden fees, upfront costs, or transaction
    fees.  We simply offer Full Service at a fair price.  If we do not sell your home
      we do not get paid.

2.   Why do other Brokers charge 5,6 & even 7% for their services?

      Most larger franchised based Real Estate Brokers have an old school business
      model based upon extremely high overhead with large luxury offices, office
      staffing, newspaper advertising budgets, etc.  All of which are extremely
      ineffective and outdated in todays marketplace.

3.   There must be something I do not get for 1%?

      Actually in some cases we offer more than the traditional brokers.  We take
      complete photos of your home to be used in all marketing.  Your home is
      featured in all local Multiple Listing Services in Southern California including
      San Diego.  Additionally your listing is feature on top real estate web sites
      including, Trulia, Zillow, Red Fin, Craigslist and hundreds more.
      We take care of the yard sign, color brochures (both inside and out), open
      houses,  restricted access electronic lock box, and all State required 
      disclosures and inspections.

4.   Are there any hidden fees or upfront costs?

      NONE, the simple 1% covers everything you need.  No upcharge for hidden
      fees like doc fees, transaction fees, archive fees, etc!

5.   Do you just put my house in the Multiple Listing Service and go away?

      NO.  We are there with you every step of the way from listing, through the
      marketing, open houses, escrow and closing process.  We handle all
      negotiations and paperwork directly with the buyers or their broker.

6.   Do you hold Open Houses?

      Yes,  open houses are at the descretion of the seller and their schedule.
      Some sellers actually prefer not to have open houses to prevent looking
      and access by unapproved buyers.

7.   What is the Multiple Listing Service?

      The Multiple Listing Service  (MLS) is a Realtor only membersip based data
      base of all active, pending and sold properties in a geographic area.  Southern
      California has 2 different MLS platforms  the IMRMLS for all of Southern
      California and Sandicor (soon to be Paragon) which is specific to San Diego
      County.  We are members of both and your property will appear in both!

8.   Will outside Brokers show my house to buyers?

      YES.  While some Brokers do not get our philosophy on this unique value
      priced listing system.  The commission offered to the buyers agent is no
      different than a standard 6% listing.   In fact our system give you the flexibility
      to offer the buyers agent an incentive to show and sell your home through an
      increased selling commission.  75% +/- of current listings only offer 2.5% to the
      selling agent.  A higher percentage while an additional incentive is typically not 

9.  Why do you not advertise my house in print media?

     Statistics show that 90% of all home buyers start their search for a new home
     on the internet.  Typical home publications and newspaper advertising only
     supports the marketing of the Brokers name. 

10. Do you also work with buyers?

      YES.  We field all buyer calls from yard signs, curb side flyers and internet
      inquiries.  We schedule and show your home to any approved prospective
      purchaser.  If we procure the buyer for your home the buyer fee is 2%
      commission, regardless of what you offer the outside agent!

11.  Why is the listing agreement only 30 days?

       Our approach is simple.  The seller of a property should not be forced into
       a long extended listing of 3-6 months.  In our market place a properly priced
       and conditioned home will sell within the 30 day time frame.  In the event a 
       property does not sell within the initial 30 day period we would like the 
       opportunity to continue the marketing of the home for a mutually agreed upon
       time frame, however,  you are under no obligation to continue. 
12.  How do you determine the value of my home?

       We use a collection of market data for your neighborhood from numerous
       sources.  Every valuation is based upon your individual home.  No 2 homes
       are alike.  While most brokerages base prices on the "comp" (comparable
       sales price).  Our valuation is based on the COMPetition in the current

We are sure you will have some additional questions prior to actually listing your home for sale with our inovative company. 

We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have via email at or the old fashion way, on the phone or in person.
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Brett Sackett
Brett Sackett
Realtor/Office Manager